Blu Hospitality Communication & Training (BHCT)

Blu Hospitality Communication & Training (BHCT) aims at providing individuals and organizations with specialized instruction and guide in the hospitality and tourism industry that would help improve employee performance, through the efficient training process and requisite skillset development.

To bridge the service gaps in the Leisure, hospitality, and tourism industry, the Blu Hospitality Comm. & Training was launched in 2018 as a platform for grooming and developing talents that will shape the future of the industry in Nigeria, and Africa at large. Our trainees have industry experts as their instructors and mentors.

We have developed a unique alliance with several hotel properties across Nigeria and our trainees have the benefit of internship during which period they gain complete understanding of the industry, as well as, meaningful work experience.

Blu Hospitality Training programs offer courses which directly impact your facility’s standard of service, staff proficiency, Operational Structure and the CULTURE; this in turn impacts revenue, as well as, your ROI and help position your Brand.

Our Training Courses are broken down into modules and they cover:
Front Office Operations and Management
Food & Drinks Operations and Management
Meeting & Events Operations and Management
Housekeeping Operations and Management
Basic Sales & Marketing Skills
Basic Hotel Accounting
Basic Hotel Engineering
Hotel Security Operations and Management
Basic Hotel HSE Standards

Our curriculum is continuously updated in line with our brand vision and the training needs in the industry.

Upcoming Training :

Rendering 5-Star Hospitality Service Experience:

Beginners Guide (Module One)

2-Day Hospitality Training Workshop